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1. What is the minimum telemarketing contract for appointment setting?

The minimum telemarketing contract for appointment setting is a two-week contract.

2. How many calls does a telemarketer make per day?

Depending on the type of contract, a telemarketer is expected to make 90-120 calls a day. We do not use predictive dialer machine which could irritate potential customers. For emails, this can be negotiated with the client.

3. Do we get a report on the telemarketer's activities?

Yes. We will email you in Excel format a daily report of all people called with a description whether the person is interested in your product or service, availability for appointment, how many calls were directed to voice mail, and how many were not interested. We will also list if the sales leads provided is 'not in service', phone is busy, etc. We usually make 3 to 4 attempts to contact a busy number.

4. What about calls to telephone subscribers who are listed in the Federal Government's "do not call" list?

MaesInfo is subscribed to the call compliance service of a major telecommunications company such that people who have registered their phone number in the federal "do not call" list will not be called.

Upon a client's authorization, we can call their former customers who have bought or inquired about their products during the last 18 months ("Do not call" FTC guidelines), even though their telephone numbers are listed in the "Do not Call" List.

5 Which regions and languages does MaesInfo support?

We are able to offer a global service at 24X7. The number of languages that we offer is continuously expanding; at this moment, we support 2 different languages: English and Chinese Mandarin

6 I'm interested in working at MaesInfo in China or phiLippine. Where can I find more information about this?

You can contact our BPO department at sales @maesinfo.com; they can answer all your questions and discuss the possibilities that we can offer you.

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