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MEG BPO Solutions

Customer and Technical Support

Whether for sales, information queries, confirmations or complaints, your customer base needs an avenue with which to talk directly with your representatives. MEG’s multilingual call staff is rigorously trained in your company’s service needs and can service any client group to provide the best in customer service to your clients.

Cross selling and upselling can drastically increase the revenues of a business.


Grow your sales force and target new markets using MEG’s Lead Generation, sales inbound and outbound call center services. MEG’s multilingual call staff can target markets all over the world and can easily match whatever service scale your business requires.

Data Entry

Input and confirm business documents and transactions quickly and cost-effectively. Transfer your paper-based records, such as customer service or product management records, to an electronic database for easy access to all your personal records.

Tech Support

Services for assisting your customers in solving specific problems associated with a particular product.

Research or Surveyst

In the ever evolving global market, it is important as ever to remain on the cutting edge of what it is your customer is looking for. MEG’s outbound and inbound research calls focus on gathering crucial market data for our clients. These campaigns range from simple promotional inquiries, to information awareness initiatives, to comprehensive marketing surveys in advance of promotional campaigns.

Lead Generation / Completion

Lead Generation refers to the creation or generation of prospective consumer interests or inquiries into your products or services. It is associated with a marketing activity targeted at generating sales opportunities for your company's sales force.

Appointment Setting

Setting and resetting appointments can be confusing and time consuming. Imagine if someone set and reset appointments for you, notifying you anytime a new appointment was set or needed to be rescheduled. An extremely effective marketing tool for mortgage brokers, financial planners, insurance agents, contractors, and service oriented businesses.

Customer Service

An integral part of a company's value proposition, these involve activities that enhance your customer's level of satisfaction. Your customers will now know that you are there with them every step of the way, no matter the time or date.

In-House English Training Programs

Always maintaining a global perspective, MEG works hard to ensure that communications between itself and companies all over the world goes as smoothly as possible. To further develop its staff, MEG provides top of the line training to all of its employees, increasing their proficiency in spoken, “business” English. ENG, located in the Philippines, sends to EMG’s Chengdu branch fluent, native English speakers to rigorously train MEG’s staff in the intricacies of business language.

In-House IT Solutions Training Program

Project Management- By training employees over a long period of time to be able to manage a project on their own, it reduces the cost for the client and increases efficiency for MEG. This increased efficiency allows MEG to send less of its managers and developers to a project, making it less costly for the client. By training employees to manage projects, the core of MEG’s employees will be made up of leaders rather than followers.

Programming- The more programmers MEG trains, the faster we can attend to all of your programming needs.

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