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Greetings from the CEO

Founder and CEO of MaesInfo Nathan Hu received his Bachelor's Degree of Engineering at Tongji University in July

1991, and went to Singapore for continuing development in 1995. In 2000, Nathan left Singapore for further study in the USA and later graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Masters Degree of Information Systems Management in 2001While at Carnegie Mellon, Nathan also worked for the School of Computer Science at CMU as a Research Programmer. Nathan worked on a couple of high profile projects such as the CMU Communicator for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and CMU Informedia for National Science Foundation. In 2002, Nathan joined Siebel System Inc. as a Software Engineer and later in the same year decided to become an indep

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endent IT consultant. From 2002 to 2005, Nathan provided various professional IT consulting services to various companies such as Sony Electronics Inc. (USA), JPMorgan and Service Link. In 2005,the outsourcing industry began to shift to China and Chengdu had just established a fabulous infrastructure for IT outsourcing and placed IT outsourcing as its core strategic industry. Originally from the Chengdu region, Nathan sensed the huge opportunities there, and founded Chengdu MaesInfo Co, Ltd. MaesInfo started with 7 employees in 2005 and has steadily grown to 100+ employees in less than 2 years. MaesInfo hopes to reach 300 employees by 2011. Nathan has applied much thought and put significant efforts in the development of a world class IT team in a region which used to be isolated from the world. Sichuanese people are known for their intelligence and dedication to their work, but due to geographic reasons, Sichuanese have had to leave their hometowns for coastal cities to pursue their dreams. This however, is no longer necessary thanks to the Internet and the "flat world". Equipped with rich western management skills and working experience, Nathan has worked hard to transform such resources into a global outsourcing force. Besides cost-saving, Nathan defines MaesInfo's competitiveness lies in "quality service and innovation". Nathan conveys to the MaesInfo employees that not only do we help clients save money, we help them generate new revenue streams. "Service concept" has been deeply rooted into each MaesInfo employees mindset. Nathan plants this statement into each developer's mindset -- "The Software you developed is useless unless it is used by our clients and creates value". As a result, communication with clients is part of the daily work for MaesInfo and MaesInfo has consistently maintained a very high client satisfaction levels. MaesInfo is about "People", which is translated into Clients and Employees. MaesInfo serves Clients at its very best capacity and MaesInfo employees respect each other and their clients in every possible way. Nathan intended to create a Silicon Valley working environment in Chengdu MaesInfo. MaesInfo's employees are working and playing hard while getting the job done for their clients 100% of the time.



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