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Manufacturing companies today throughout the world are dealing with rapid changes in their industry and their targeted markets. Companies must manage demand, product lineups and supply-chain capacity to achieve their business goals of profitability, market share and effective asset use. Manufacturers come to rely more on partners to supply finished- and semi-finished inputs, lean manufacturing techniques, as well as online marketplaces and just-in-time supply-chain management systems.

As a leading provider of Enterprise Information Systems based on both SOA and ERP, MaesInfo can be a strong partner for your business' IT solutions. MaesInfo consultants have worked with myriad industries, including Fortune 500 companies to create custom, comprehensive solutions for companies. MaesInfo focuses on improving efficiency, reducing overhead and boosting Key Performance Indicators (KPI) through an integrated and automated environment that enables engineers and managers to react more efficiently.


Application Development: Work with MaesInfo consultants to develop applications that can automate or streamline your current business processes, such as production-line or supply-chain management. MaesInfo's development staff will work closely with your in-house experts to create a tailor-made solution for your unique processes.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): Over time, each division or geographical location of a business will develop its own processes and best practices, with corresponding IT solutions. Over time, these systems become more and more isolated from each other. Implementing an SOA, enables users to connect isolated systems and components across organizational boundaries by developing around the best-practices evolved in your company 's own unique processes.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Integrate your company's different functions and departments, such as sales, production and finance, into one easy-to-use interface and automation system. Manage your company's offices and processes around the world in real time.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC): Stable and error-free applications are essential for IT to improve your business processes. MaesInfo's QA/QC Department has extensive experience in testing and improving software applications to improve service reliability for our clients.

Manufacturing Case Study

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