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Chengdu supports software outsourcing, the export will break through 100 million U.S dollar(Aug18.2006)(Jul 15 12)

Currently, Chengdu Information Association and Chengdu New & High Technology Industry Area has established "Implementation Plan for Speeding up the Development of Chengdu Software outsourcing", they intend to form a software outsourcing team with more than 5000 practitioners and some Software outsourcing Enterprise Cluster with canonical management and make the export volume break through 100 million U.S dollar; Moreover, they will try to make Chengdu be the base of national software export and the largest online export harbor of software export trading in west China. Liu Yong, the vice director of the New & High Technology Industry Area Management Association said that, the state-level software Industrial parks including "Software Outsourcing Industry Pard" will be checked and accepted by expert team soon. The undersecretary of undersecretary said in Guang Zhou that, the software industry develops fast these years with a 30% increase on the sales income per year, the software export is 7 times more during the 5 yeas. The software industry has been the strategic industry of the national economy and society development

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