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Fingerprint System Case Study

The Client

Dex Security Services is a security company located in South Africa, with its own clients in the sub-Saharan Africa region. Bank/Cash-in-Transit Fingerprint System (hereby referred to as "BCFS") will be developed for Client by Maesinfo, and is to be marketed by Client. Upon completion, Client will own all rights to the application's intellectual property.

The Challenge

To develop a monolingual, web-based fingerprint system for the purpose of confirming the identities of a Guard and Teller at a remote Bank Branch.

Must be compatible with Internet Explorer 7 that can organize a database of Cash-in-Transit Guards and Bank Tellers via a fingerprint scanner.

Scanner must be accompanied by an API and an SDK Application will be developed in Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 with SP1 and MySQL 5.X database.

The Solution

Fingerprint scan hardware is Beijing Liahren's Fingerprint Reader. Liahren also provides Maesinfo with the necessary API, SDK software.

Intricacies of the applications design will be based on Client preferences and the discretion of Maesinfo project team.

All actions regarding transaction records will be recorded in the system and monitored by Client and Maesinfo Website, web application and database will be hosted on Client's server

The Benefits

The Client will now be able to monitor from one location multiple banks spread out across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Having the fingerprint system in place will drastically cut the previous security costs of monitoring internal transactions that are taking place on a daily basis.

The fingerprint system makes life easier for employees at every level by increasing the transparency and efficiency of employee confirmation.

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