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A foreign security company requested that MaesInfo build a Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) to monitor imported cars stored in their large parking lots. Upon completion, Client will own all rights to the application's intellectual property and their staff will be the front-office IT support for all other interested parties. Client maintained a large parking structure near an international trading port in which imported vehicle were stored, often for a long period of time. As the vehicles came and went they were scanned before exiting and the results were recorded into the storage facilities database.

The Challenge

Develop a web based application that can receive information from an RFID system's API and display the information as both a real-time alert system as well as a historical auditing system. 

The Solution

Application is accessible from both the on-site main computer and remote management offices, such as guard stations at gates 
Application was developed with Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 with SP1 and MySQL 5.X database 
Application is run on Microsoft Windows Server OS 
Application should be compatible with Internet Explorer 7 
Application access can be restricted via a license key check system 

The Benefits

Previously all of this information was recorded by hand which was inefficient and time consuming  Client can now present to its customers this state of the art security system, increase their client's confidence in the company  Management no longer needs to worry about its employees correctly recording and storing all of the data in its day to day business, allowing them to focus on more pressing issues. 

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