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Effective use of one's assets requires knowledge of where your assets are and that they are being used efficiently over their entire lifecycle. For industries and business models that entail remote work – such as construction, agriculture and security –clear and effective asset monitoring is essential to being an efficient, reliable business.

Recent advances in wireless tracking technology offers an efficient and cost-effective monitoring solution. The location of and the use of assets can be monitored accurately at a distance, allowing work to proceed smoothly without any interruptions to check in with the monitoring system. Combined with a powerful and user-friendly web-based information platform, asset information can be viewed by decision-makers remotely. For example, a construction companies equipment location and uses, may be tracked from company headquarters or by a manager on the ground using a PDA.

MaesInfo is a leader in providing asset tracking consulting and solutions to its clients. Using patented, cutting-edge RFID technology, MaesInfo provides the most accurate and cost-effective solutions to our clients based on the needs of each client's business model and industry. Together with an information platform that compiles and displays all KPIs relevant to your asset management, MaesInfo's solutions have the potential to make your asset management much more transparent, and can lead to improved cost efficiencies, decreased managerial workload, and the better operations of your business.

Sample Industries & Solutions:

Security: Track the whereabouts of cars or foot-based patrol guards covering large areas, such as ports, malls and stadiums.

Healthcare: Know the whereabouts of patients (such as those with memory issues), instantly.

Worker/Asset Management: Be assured that your workers are on duty at their assigned posts and that your equipment assets are in use.

Agriculture: Guarantee accuracy of livestock records by using a web-based RFID tracking system that records all essential performance indicators.

  • Reduces warehouse and distribution labor costs
  • Reduces point-of-sale labor costs
  • Reduces inventory
  • Improves forecasting and planning
  • Reduces theft
  • Reduces out-of stock conditions
  • Improves customer experience
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